Cross-Cutting Capacity Development Project (CCCD)

Project ID/Number
Project Start Date

September 2018

Project End Date
September 2022
The Strengthening national capacities for improved decision-making and mainstreaming of global

environmental obligations the Cross-Cutting Capacity Development Project (CCCD) project provides an opportunity to strengthen Somalia’s institutional capacities to meet and sustain Rio Convention obligations.  This project directly addresses three main categories of articles under the three Rio Conventions. The project was implemented through three strategically linked components, each of which contains a set of outputs with their respective activities under the each of the three components was resulted in an expected outcome, namely: -

1) Environmental

governance is improved through strengthened policy coordination.

2) Global environmental governance is decentralized.

3) Environmental attitudes and values for the global environment are improved.  The project conforms to the GEF CCCD Strategy, specifically operational frameworks 2, 3, and 4.
The project was taken an adaptive collaborative management approach that engages stakeholders as collaborators in the design and implementation of project activities was considered unintended consequences that could arise from policy interventions. The project's strategy of pursuing socio-economic and environmental mainstreaming at the national and sub-national level is in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Outputs / Activities/ Component

Component one: Improved environmental governance through strengthened policy coordination.

Component two : Decentralization of global environmental governance. Component three: Improved environmental attitudes and values for the global environment

Contact information
Abdirashid Artan
National Consultant on CBD
Development partner
Environmental Governance