Here, we provide access to a comprehensive collection of policies, strategies, and guidelines that shape our approach to environmental conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation. These documents serve as the foundation for our efforts in creating a greener and more resilient Somalia.
We believe in transparency and knowledge sharing, and by providing access to our policies and strategies, we aim to engage stakeholders, raise awareness, and foster collaboration in achieving our environmental and climate objectives.

 Explore the following sections to gain insights into our key policy areas:

 1. Environmental Policies:
Access our official environmental policies, which outline the principles, goals, and strategies guiding our environmental management and conservation practices. These policies cover various aspects, including biodiversity preservation, pollution control, natural resource management, and sustainable development.

 2. Climate Change Strategies:
Discover our climate change strategies and action plans designed to address the challenges posed by global warming and climate variability. These documents outline our approach to climate change adaptation, mitigation, resilience building, and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

3. Conservation and Biodiversity Plans:

Learn about our conservation and biodiversity plans aimed at safeguarding Somalia’s unique ecosystems and species. These plans focus on protected areas management, habitat restoration, wildlife conservation, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources.

4. Greener Somalia Strategy:

Discover our strategies for promoting green growth, sustainable economic development, and the transition to a resource-efficient Somalia. These strategies encompass sectors such as waste management, sustainable agriculture, and green infrastructure development.

Serial language File Name Download
1 English National Environmental Policy
2 English Somalia National Climate Change Policy
3 English National Charcoal Policy of Somalia Process
4 English National Forestry Policy Process
5 English The Initial National Communication For Somalia
6 English Somalia Adaptation Communication
7 English Biennial Update Report (BUR)
8 English Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC)