Department of Meteorology

The nation’s principal source of vital information for various sectors

Our Work

The Department of Meteorology is the nation’s principal source of vital information for various sectors, including Agriculture, Civil Aviation, Cyclone watch, Marine, Hydrometeorology, Satellite, and Seismology. Its broad mandate revolves around providing early warnings and timely information on weather and climatic conditions to ensure the safety of lives and property and to enable informed proactive measures. The department collaborates with the World Meteorological Department (WMD) to promote operational hydrology, research, training, and international cooperation in the field of Meteorology and related areas.

What We Do

Establishing and maintaining a national Meteorological observation and telecommunication network.

Developing and reviewing Meteorological training curricula and guidelines.

Disseminating early warnings, advisories, and alerts for severe weather and extreme climate events.

Facilitating the monitoring of weather
and climate phenomena.

Ensuring effective telecommunication and data exchange at the national, regional, and international levels.

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