Department of Planning

The Department of Planning assumes a pivotal role within the Ministry, overseeing the management of all programs and projects. Its broad mandate encompasses the continuous monitoring and evaluation of projects, providing strategic direction, and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. This department is instrumental in developing essential tools such as performance management, scorecards, Total Quality Management, and ISO certifications to optimize Ministry operations. Moreover, it formulates policy guidelines for program and project implementation, promoting transparency and uniformity.

The department is responsible for:
  1. Providing leadership and guidance in project design, proposal development, and strategic initiatives.
  2. Coordinating the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and projects within the Ministry.
  3. Cultivating partnerships and collaborations with development partners, private sector entities, and stakeholders.
  4. Offering technical advice for research related to policy development and intervention/mitigation measures analysis.
  5. Maintaining an up-to-date database encompassing all programs and projects operating within the Ministry.
Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of Planning is to ensure effective program and project management, foster partnerships for sustainable development, and promote the use of data-driven strategies to enhance Ministry operations and transparency.