Department of Environment

The broad objective of this Department is to protect the environment through effective management and to strengthen public awareness for the benefit of public health and quality of life and against loss of biodiversity both for today’s society and future generations. Ensure environmental management aimed at improving the quality of human life to meet and improve human needs and demands provision on a
sustainable basis while having minimal damage to natural habitats and ecosystems.
Ensure public awareness by equipping social groups and individuals with pollution and environmental degradation knowledge to attain sustainable development.
The Department will be responsible for formulating national policies geared towards promoting and improving the environment’s quality, recommending priorities among environmental programs, and assisting in achieving international cooperation in dealing with environmental degradation issues.
This Department comprises the following four sections, namely:
1. Rural and urban Ecology Restoration.
2. Marine Ecosystem.
3. Waste Management (Solid, chemicals); and
4. Environmental Knowledge and Awareness.
The Departmental Director, the Department of Environment leads this Department, who will be answerable to the Director General for the following functions:
(I) Develop, implement, and review policies, guidelines, regulations, standards, strategies, plans and legislations on ecological restoration.
(II) Carry out mapping and assessments to determine the status of sensitive ecosystems.
(III) Coordinate Rural, Urban and Marine ecology, restoration, conservation and protection initiatives.
(IV) Coordinate and monitor the development and implementation of national Ecological restoration programs.
(V) Carry out and promote public awareness and sensitization on Ecological restoration.
(VI) Promote Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in restoring landscapes.
(VII) Create, maintain and update the database for monitoring the Ecological integrity of sensitive ecosystems, wetlands and landscape restoration.
(VIII) Coordinate capacity building with Federal, Federal member states and other stakeholders on Ocean conservation, ecological restoration, and sustainable Blue Economy.
(IX) Mobilize resources to ensure the implementation of programs and projects for landscape restoration, conservation of Ocean and blue economy