Department of Biodiversity Wildlife and Forest

The Department of Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Forest is dedicated to safeguarding ecosystems with a focus on wildlife and forestry conservation. It actively engages Federal Member States line Ministries, the public, and key stakeholders to achieve its mission. The department is committed to developing strategies aligned with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for transformative impact on the environment and the nation’s economy. It adheres to UNEP guidelines to create and maintain healthy ecosystems, both terrestrial and marine, and initiates biodiversity programs and projects to preserve nature and enhance human well-being.

The department is responsible for:
  1. Developing and implementing policies and strategies for biodiversity, wildlife, and forest restoration.
  2. Overseeing national forestry programs, including agro-forestry, dryland forestry, and forest carbon management.
  3. Leading national biodiversity restoration programs and coordinating forest research and education.
  4. Promoting public awareness and sensitization regarding forest conservation, landscape management, wildlife conservation, and ecological restoration.
  5. Initiating, overseeing, and monitoring national ecological restoration programs.
  6. Mobilizing resources to increase forest cover and conserve wildlife.
Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Forest is to restore and protect wildlife, forests, and biodiversity, advancing sustainable development that aligns with international objectives. It actively engages with stakeholders to safeguard ecosystems, raise public awareness, and formulate strategies that enhance the environment and the well-being of the nation.