Department of Administration and Finance

The Administration and Finance Department is the central support system of the Ministry, responsible for coordinating shared support services and providing an enabling environment for employees to carry out their technical roles effectively. This department plays a crucial role in ensuring the Ministry has a competent and skilled workforce and that all necessary resources, equipment, financial support, and managerial guidance are in place.

The department is responsible for:
  1. Coordinating Government business and responding to emerging policies and development initiatives.
  2. Managing support services within the Ministry, ensuring safety and security measures.
  3. Overseeing public resources and assets, as well as transport policies.
  4. Mobilizing and efficiently utilizing funds, including addressing public complaints and customer care.
  5. Promoting integrity, ethical conduct, and good governance within the Ministry.
Mission of the Department:

The mission of the Department of Administration and Finance is to facilitate the Ministry’s seamless operation by providing essential support services. Our aim is to ensure a competent workforce, efficient resource management, and the implementation of government policies, all while upholding transparency and good governance.